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Marvin T. Was Here

Feature Story In Columbus Alive


Best Shows Yet
A short list of some highlights gigs

Tuesdays in May at ANDYMAN'S TREEHOUSE
887 Chambers Rd.   Columbus, OH 43212    614.291.2460
special guest, games, prizes, cakes,
and goodies are all in your future if you
show up to one of these shows.
MAY 31ST!!
Cassie Lewis (lover, lover/ex-moist star)

Marvin The Robot
(rawkwarrior/ex-woofer, tweeter)

The Parishoners
(very mysterious/ex-84 nash)

Dr. Rob Job
(the stiffs/ex-the shatters)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First show w/ Dr. Rob Job March 24th @ Andyman's Treehouse Marvin The Robot Dr. Rob Job Branden Barnet


9-18 @ The D.A.A.C. Grand Rapids, MI

9/11 Lisa Springstien's Birthday bash! @ Club 202

League Of Pissed-Off Voters book tour

Not Leaving Ohio Tour 2004



w/ 1956

All The Rage

12-4-04 @ Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH 

w/ New Planet Trampoline, New Lou Reeds, Standing 69's



11-14-03 @ D.A.A.C. Grand Rapids, MI

w/ The Frankfurt School, The Sound Explorations of Andy Mo, Rawk Warrior


10-2-03 @ Bernie's Columbus, OH

w/ Terribly Empty Pockets, Adam Smith & His Bachelors


9-27-03 @ Cafe Burbon Street Columbus, OH

w/ Eric Metronome, Helicopter Helicopter


9-7-03 @ BLD Columbus, OH

w/ Pat D, Slow Ghost


6-22-03 @ Cafe Burbon Street Columbus, OH

w/ Annie Quick



What about you?
Have any great Marvin the Robot memories, stories, sightings?  Tell me about 'em, and I might even post your little tale.  Try me!

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Other Models
Yes, Marvin the Robot is a one-man band, featuring me, Miles.  Every now and then, I get lonely though, and I need friends to rock with me.  These kind souls have been there for me from time to time.  Salute!!!

Val Glen; guitar, percussion, toy piano, buckets Val rocks on her own under various aliases, and pedals beauty products.

Mike Saunders; guitar, bass, drums, vocals Mike makes out with his beautiful girlfriend in Prague.

John Curtis; bass, drum machines, recording and mixing John is taking a break from being a rock God to raise his son Jonah.

Brady Burkett; guitar, bass, drums, vocals Brady is currently being a good student and writting new A Landscape Yesterday songs.

Brian Szente; keyboards, recording, and mixing Brian currently records under the names Alten Avery and The Slow Ghost.

Sara Mehl; guitar, bass, vocals Sara a.k.a., Badass Cripple, is undoubtedly making out with hot southern lesbians and people who are more famous than I.

Zach Roth; drums When Zach isn't playing drums in the band Joust, he's making Crooked Clarence records.

Brian Wagner; drums Brain's been making out with hot girls lately.

Jennifer Perry; drums Jen moved to South America and became and midwife.

Sean McCroskey; drums Aside from being the mastermind of my other band -- Rawk Warrior, Sean is in like 17,000 other band too.  The best ones are The War Brides and Christis Cult. He also has 8,000,999,675,345,979,768,675,282,023.5 illegitimate children.

Chad Neighbour; guitar Chad still leads a small militia of twenty-something sludge punks and dot rockers.  His band, Coin, probably needs a new drummer;) 

Hendrick Deherder; turntables Hendrick is a member of Detroit's underground film community.

DJ Loco; turntables, mixing, electronics experiments The last time I saw DJ Loco, he was lighting a blunt, jumping into a Corvette, and heading to Texas.

Carlos Casio; guitar Isn't he in The Flotation Walls?

Nicole Chattah; vocals Nicole is lending her golden voice to various musical projects in the L.A. area.

Kris James; dulcimer I don't exactly know what Kris is up to, but I'm sure it involves 1) Great pot 2)Either a really cute girl or a sweet bike 3)Massage 4) Kicking the man's butt.
Zachary Allan Starkey; keyboards ZAS hosts glitzy photo parties, seduces folk of all ages, and spends way too much time doing his hair.
Will Randal; bass Will Randal is out smoking ciggerettes, traveling the world, and healing the sick.

"Miles Curtiss; king of the punk ballad" 
-  Eileen Motok