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On The Town
by Pete Bruinsma
January 5th 2001

It's as hard to peg Marvin the Robot down to a style of music as it is to peg Miles -- the brains, voice, and sole perpetrator of the project -- down to a schedule, but I've found you can't go wrong with a barrage of lossely defining descriptive words: disturbing yet humorous, impatient indie-rock with a twinge of dark mystery and a lot of lo-fi sound.  It's hard to leave a Marvin the Robot show with a frown on your face, which makes it easy to become addicted to the experience.


Columbus Alive
When Robots Attack

On Monday, July 11, Little Brother’s will be the landing pad for a robotic musical invasion that, while certainly not threatening to mankind, should prove to be entertaining. Headlining is 8-Bit, a group of Los Angeles androids who recently gained some notoriety for a collaboration they did with Beck. On their own material, they mix sci-fi rhymes with Casio-tainted beats for a wacky combo that’s at once futuristic and a throwback to the early ’80s.

Joining 8-Bit on tour are fellow Angelinos the Mormons. Befitting their namesake, the Mormons dress as bicycle-riding missionaries converting their audiences with a chaotic mix of Devo-esque rock. Opening this show is Columbus’ own Marvin the Robot, whose lovelorn lo-fi paeans are of a more humanistic sort.

—Stephen Slaybaugh

July 6, 2005

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